Public School Funding Program

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The goal of the ONE Gas Foundation Public School Funding program is to enhance the classroom experience in middle and high schools (grades 5-12) to promote workforce development in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. ONE Gas Funding is available June - November each year.

Giving Priorities

  • Classroom enrichment projects and instructional technology
  • Durable curriculum-based teaching materials and equipment
  • Projects reaching the greatest number of students


The ONE Gas Foundation supports secondary education (grades 5-12) by partnering with to support their teacher-driven funding platform. is an independent 501(c)(3) organization operating a nationwide website spotlighting instructional needs in public school classrooms.

Through this partnership, ONE Gas and its operating companies—Kansas Gas Service, Oklahoma Natural Gas and Texas Gas Service—review the applications submitted by teachers and award funds for those we believe represent maximum classroom enrichment. This competitive review process of STEAM proposals submitted by teachers involves internal evaluation of grant requests based on impact, innovation, socio-economic need, and estimated duration of use.

For more information on how to use the Donors Choose platform, click here to create a project and here to learn more about teacher accounts and projects.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Grants will be given to eligible public school districts located within the ONE Gas Service territory. Click HERE to view our service territories.
  • Grants are awarded in allotments of $100- $2500, per teacher, for classroom-based STEAM related projects.
  • Grants will not exceed $2500 unless an exception is granted by the public-school funding program coordinator for ONE Gas.

Questions may be emailed to Community Relations, through the following team members: